5 Minute Lunch Ideas

I usually like to have something in the fridge that I prepared for lunches for the week…but, that doesn’t always happen or it runs out before the end of the week. So, here are some quick lunches to whip up in 5 mins or less.  They are each packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats.  Do you have any healthy & quick lunch ideas?  Share them with us!

amys burritoLunch 1 Idea:  Amy’s Gluten Free burritos (they are sold frozen in most grocery stores – usually in the organic/health aisle & also at Whole Foods).  They have clean ingredients…basically beans, cheese and rice.  And, a good source of fiber and protein.  They just need to be microwaved for 1-1:30 on each side. I like to top with 1/2 cup cottage cheese (for added protein) and a spoonful of salsa and enjoy!


quinoa egg

Lunch Idea 2: Qcrunch Quinoa Burger with Scrambled Eggs & Salsa.  Qcrunch Quinoa Burgers are so good.  They come frozen and can be found at Target and Whole Foods.  There are three flavors.  My favorite is Sweet Curry but also like the Green Chile.  You just pop in the toaster on high heat.  Top with scrambled eggs and salsa.









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