Full Body Interval Workout

Full Body BurnThis is a quick interval workout to do at home, working your entire body, including cardio!  All you need is a set of dumbbells and a mat.  It starts with leg exercises…working the front, side and back of the legs.  Then, working the shoulders, back and biceps. Last, finish up with a little ab work!



Set 1: Down one knee at a time on a mat, then up/up into a squat position.  You will do this 1 minute, then switch to lead with the other leg for 1 min.  Then, 1 minute of power jacks, landing in a soft squat.  Repeat 1 more time before moving onto set 2.

Watch the video for demo.  If your knees hurt doing, you can hold a wall hold squat with dumbbells by your side for 45 seconds, 15 second rest and repeat before power jacks.

Set 2: Curtsy lunge to one side, then do 3 bicep curls and kick the leg up.  Try to go straight back down into the curtsy lunge and repeat until you get 15 reps.  Then, switch to the other side.  After both sides, 1 minute of skater hops.  Repeat 1 more set all the way through before moving onto set 3.

Set 3: One leg deadlift holds. Balancing leg can have slight bend in the knee.  Extend your other leg all the way behind you.  Try to have your back as straight as possible.  20 second hold, 10 second rest, x 5 rounds. Then, switch to the other leg.  1 minute of cardio exercise is 4 backwards frog jumps, sprint forward, keep repeating for 1 minute.  Then, one more set all the way through before moving onto set 4.

Set 4:  Upright row hold 30 seconds.  Then, 2 counts up, 2 counts down x 15.  Last, quick alternate arms x 30.

Set 5: Overhead press pulses x 30.  Then, alternate quickly x 30.  Last, in and out with the arms x 15.

Set 6: Repeat set 4 and 5.

Set 7: Bicycle crunch, holding 4 counts on each side x 20. Then, holding 2 counts on each side x 20.  Last, as quickly as possible x 40.

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