Set Yourself up For Success!

saladDo you set yourself up for success?  What I mean is, do you meal plan, grocery shop and prep for the week?  Without developing this habit, you will always feel like it is hard to eat healthy and meal time will be more of a hassle.  Do you find yourself scrambling at meal time to figure out what to make?  Here are a few tips to healthier habits:

  • Pick a day that you will plan your meals for the week and a day that you will grocery shop each week.  I usually plan on Saturday and shop on Sunday.  We typically have to go back towards the end of the week to grab a couple things, but the majority I like to buy so I am ready for the next few days.
  • Make a salad, soup or dish on Sunday that you can eat for lunch for the week.  It will save you time each day and you will be less tempted to go out if you have something made.  I love to use our big pyrex bowl with lid and make a salad (shown above).  If you use spinach leaves, it will stay good all week and not get soggy.  My salad consists of spinach, celery, shredded carrots and peppers.  I avoid anything that has too much water in it. Or, just add that in before I eat it.
  • Wash and cut vegetables the day you get home from the store.  You will have them ready to go when you are hungry and wanting something between lunch and dinner.
  • Have snacks measured out and in the car, purse and/or drawer at work. They can come in handy and help you avoid you making unhealthy decisions.  I like raw nuts. They are filling, satisfying and easy to pack.
  • Stick to the serving size on food labels and measure them.
  • Eliminate eating after dinner habit or opt for something with vegetables. Sometimes something crunchy is all we need to kick the craving.  I like cucumbers and hummus for snack. Or, snap peas!  Hot tea in the evening is also a good way to kick the snacking.  If you had an early dinner and truly are hungry, go for something with protein like greek yogurt.
  • Wake up early to exercise.  By setting your alarm 30 minutes early, you can be done for the day with one of our 30 minute workouts.  Set up a goal and a reward system for yourself.  After you stick to a program for a month, get a massage or buy a new workout shirt.

I hope some of these tips help!


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