Abs with the Ball

The stability ball is one of my favorite tools to use.  It uses multiple muscle groups no matter what you are doing with it, but always is engaging your core.   This workout is just for abs…I know with swim suit season almost here everyone is ready to step up with core work!  If you don’t have a stability ball, you can buy them online or I also like the ones from Sports Authority…just look for anti-burst or burst resistant.

Series 1:

  • Head of the back of the ball, oblique crunch, 15 reps
  • Other side, 15 reps
  • Head of the back of the ball, center crunches, 15 reps

Series 2:

  • Woodchop sit up, 15 reps
  • Other side, 15 reps
  • Center sit up with ball, 15 reps

Series 3:

  • Vsit twist side to side, 15 reps ea side
  • Suitcase crunch with ball, 15 reps

If you time, repeat one more time through.


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