Creating a Real-Food & Balanced Lunch

FullSizeRenderI know it’s so easy to reach for packaged foods when it comes to kids. Especially with picky eaters. It’s a lot of work to put in without knowing if they will eat it. (I have found consistency on trying does help.)  Try to limit packaged items for a week and see how it goes.

When making a plate, always try to include a couple things you know they like and maybe one new thing you are hoping they try.

The other important thing is balance. That is another reason why I like the Yum Box. It reminds you to include all food categories each meal. Balanced meals will sustain them longer and be a mix of nutrients. (Just like with us, if we go too heavy on sugar/carbs, we will see big spikes in energy followed by a melt down.) Balanced meals will help keep their mood balanced.

Include a protein, fruit, vegetable, healthy carb and some sort of healthy fat (I usually do nuts, nut butter or avocado).

Change it up daily to make it interesting for them!

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