Educate Kids on Nutrition

Green LightEducate your kids about proper nutrition and it will be a great gift to them when making their own choices. This picture was from my daughter, Audrey’s preschool class. She had to pick a topic to be an expert on and she said, “the green light and red light foods”.  I owned the book before I even had kids and we started reading it when my kids were young. It’s called Eat Healthy, Feel Great. by Dr William Sears.

It categorizes foods into Green Light (go ahead & eat all you want), Yellow Light foods (slow down when you eat these and just have a little bit after you have eaten your green light foods), Red Light (stop eating these foods, they hurt your body). It also explains what foods do to benefit your body. The Green light foods give your body more energy to play and the Yellow and Red light foods can slow you down or give you a tummy ache. It takes it further to show foods rich in different vitamins and minerals and how they help your body. When kids know the reason for eating or avoiding certain foods, it helps them make the decisions on their own. They understand the reason why they cannot have junk food all the time.

I had fun reading to the class because all the kids were genuinely interested. I had two moms the next week tell me their kids were still talking about it which made me happy! It is so much easier to form good habits when you are young.

Let me know what you do to help educate your kids!



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