halfWhat a day! Bethany and I completed the St Louis Go Half Marathon! This was my 6th one in the last 9 years, but definitely my toughest. I was hurting after mile 7 and pushed through the last half of the race. What got me through?

I had about an hour of reflection time, going through all the people that inspire me. Bethany inspired me to keep running. Over the last year, she has literally changed her entire lifestyle and dropped almost 100lbs! She has taken up running in addition to coming to classes each week. This was also her first running half marathon.

I started this company to help inspire others to live healthier, but everyone around me also inspires me. I wanted to quit so bad but couldn’t thinking of all of you, my amazing family cheering me on, Bethany who was running with me, Heidi who was running for her mother who passed and all my clients who I want to set a good example for. I felt so much grattitude for my life and my health and that I am phsyically able to do this. We all have bad days or periods of time where we are not as motivated as others. That describes me throughout the training and it showed on race day. But, I am so glad I went for it and finished and was able to see Bethany finish! I am so proud of her! Persevere in life and you will not be disappointed.



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  1. Bobbi
    April 16, 2016 at 1:41 pm (2 years ago)

    Congrats Bethany and Christy!


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