What are you putting ON your body?

45451041_sDo you think about the ingredients you spread onto your body everyday? Reading ingredients for products applied topically are just as important as reading your nutrition labels.

Your skin is your largest organ and protects your entire body. Taking care of it is key to your overall health.

I have always had “sensitive” skin and been sensitive to scents. After I had my daughter, I decided to do skin allergy testing to determine why I was getting random rashes. OMG, it really opened my eyes to all the harmful ingredients that are in the products we put on our bodies. The test determined that I was allergic to fragrance, parabens, formaldehyde… The list went on and on. At the time, it was totally overwhelming to find new products I could use. Now, I am so thankful because I have been using “clean” products on my skin and I no longer have skin irritations.

In the U.S. we allow more toxic ingredients into our products than most countries. In fact, Europe has banned over 1000 chemicals that the U.S. allows in our beauty and household products. A study conducted in 2004 by EWG took 10 umbilical cords to test how many toxic chemicals were found. The results are alarming! There were 287 chemicals detected of which 180 cause cancer in humans or animals. Read more details. Not only are there those that are toxic, many chemicals can disrupt your hormones causing many other problems with our health.

I think many are unaware of how much the body absorbs through the skin and how harmful ingredients can be. Try not to get overwhelmed with it, but take one product at a time and try to find an alternative. Here are a couple resources to help. Find how your products rate on EWG’s site. I also reference the Gorgeously Green Beauty Cheat Sheet. If you would like a copy emailed to you, send me an email Christy@InspireWellnessSTL.com.

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