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oil3I purchased the Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit last year and have found myself using these oils more and more! It has been so fun and so interesting to see how well these high quality essential oils can work for so many things from first aid, ailments, moods, cleaning, overall health. It is now my first aid kit. I am summarizing some of the ways I have used these if you interested in using plant-based natural products for you and your family.

First of all, I do NOT recommend any other essential oil besides these. I did the research on Young Living vs others and this is the only essential oil company that has a seed to seal process. They own their own farms all over the world and distill the oils from their plants and trees. They test every batch of oil to make sure it is pure, therapeutic grade oil.

The oils market is not regulated so even when a bottle says “100% pure”, it cannot be trusted. And, with anything if the cost is low, there is a reason for it. . There is a also a difference in the way the oils are distilled. Most are distilled in a way that is suitable for the perfume industry but not for the therapeutic or medicinal application. You will notice on many bottles you can purchase online or at the grocery store say “not to be ingested”. It is because those can actually be harmful for you. If you plan on putting these oils on your body or ingesting them, the only one I trust is the Young Living Oils

The Young Living Starter Kit comes with the 11 most popular essential oils (about 80-100 drops each) and here is recap of what I have used them for.

  • Thieves Blend: The reason I bought the kit to begin with, the Thieves blend! I heard amazing things about it from my friend Bethany. My husband had a chronic cough last year and I ordered this to see if it would help and it did! I diffused it in the house and also had him do one drop in his water daily. This blend works wonders for the immune system, canker sores, sore throat, splinters, can clean with it, kills germs and bad breath. Supports immune system and good health!
  • Purification Blend: Anything skin related it helps neutralize including rash, irritation, breakouts, homemade Bug Spray (works great!!) Neutralizes odor in air or laundry (1 drop in laundry) or stinky shoes. Diffuse for fresh smelling house!
  • Lavender: abrasions, bug bites, burns, sunburns, hives, anti-fungal or antiseptic. Bug spray– works great!! Smells great diffusing and is very calming. 1 drop on the roof of the mouth for allergies. 1 drop on pillow for relaxation at bedtime.
  • Frankincense: anti-aging and anti-inflammatory! Mix a little with your favorite lotion on your face or eye cream. Helps take away sun spots (with my mask recipe), 1 drop on head for mental clarity.
  • Peppermint: headaches (rub on temples or neck), opens up sinus (by inhaling), cools body temperature, digestion (rub on tummy), fresh breath (1 drop on tongue), alertness (1 drop in water).
  • Lemon: cleansing (1 drop in water), energizing, colds, grease/gum/sticker removal (think of a goo gone replacement), stain removal (spray bottle with water and 6-8 drops lemon oil), fresh scent.
  • Panaway: sore muscles (apply directly on spot or for big area mix with olive or coconut oil), back/neck pain
  • RC: anything respiratory related (diffuse or apply on chest)
  • Copaiba: Inflammation of muscles and joints (apply directly)
  • Stress Away: on feet or temples for stress relief
  • Digize: heartburn, digestion (massage on tummy or apply to feet)

The Young Living Essential Oils Kit comes with a diffuser and the 11 Oils (5ML). It is $160 and will last quite awhile. Think of it as replacing your OTC products. If you need any help along the way, I am here to help 🙂



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