Inspiration of the Month!

jenn-and-amyOne of the reasons I love my group fitness classes is because of the people. My classes are all supportive and friendly to each other. Many friendships have formed in class and it is nice to see.

Amy and Jenn are examples of this. They are friends inspiring each other to be healthier!  They are both juggling their busy lives as working moms with 3 kids at home. As we know, it takes effort to be healthy! They support each other. If one makes a healthy dish, they will drop by and share some with the other. They also like to text each other pictures of their healthy lunches and share recipes with each other. Recently, they had a night of making salads together for the week that they let me crash in on. It was a fun and productive night!

We are influenced by the people we hang out with the most so it is nice they have each other for support and encouragement.

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