Inspiration of the Month!

Lizzie started training in my studio about six weeks ago and is on a roll! Nobody can stop this woman on a mission! She has learned to make healthier choices in her meals and has figured out how to be social while still losing weight. She has gone away for the weekend, attended many dinners out and indulged on holiday meals but she has figured out the balance of keeping the rest of the week “clean” and incorporating exercise 5-7 days a week. And, has started incorporating a 5:30a cycle class in her routine to fit it in on her busiest day. I love that she decided to make her a health a priority and has lost weight every week because of her determination! Lizzie always shows up to class with a positive attitude and ready to make the most of her hour! I love watching her make these positive changes in her life. Keep up the great work, Lizzie!

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