Inspire Wellness ‘At Home Workouts’

Paper Towel Workout

paper towelDid you ever think a paper towel would be an effective workout tool? Give this at home workout a try for a good full body workout.  You will need a paper towel and 10 cards. Let me know how you like it!

Set 1: Use a paper towel and 10 playing cards

Left leg stays steady and right foot has paper towel underneath

  • Reverse lunge slide, place 10 cards down, one by one, then pick up, one by one
  • Side squat slide, place 10 cards down, one by one, then pick up, one by one
  • Curtsy lunge slide, place 10 cards down, one by one, then pick up, one by one
  • One leg deadlift, place 10 cards down, one by one, then pick up, one by one

Right leg stays steady and left foot has paper towel underneath

  • Same exercises as above

Set 2: Use two paper towels, one underneath foot

  • Plank position on hands, in/out with the feet x 20
  • Plank position, alternate knees coming in towards chest, one at a time x 20
  • Plank position, alternate both knees in to chest and back out x 20

Set 3: Use two paper towels,

  • On knees, one paper towel under each hand, slide forward, tucking head, hold 3 counts x 15
  • On all fours, knees are low to ground, one paper towel under each foot, one leg extends behind you, keeping other knee low to ground x 15, then change legs
  • On back, one paper towel under each heel, rear is lifted, slide forward with right leg, then left, alternating sides x 30

Cardio Break: Run your stairs or do some jogging in place for 2 minutes before repeating one more set through all three sets.






Leg Burn!

Are you looking for a quick, yet effective workout for your legs that you can do with or without weights?  This is it!  It is quick so stay focused and try to get through it without cheating!  Mentally prepare for a burn in the legs and remember “mind over body”.  You can do it!  Go through the first 4 exercises, then take a 90 second “cardio break”, then repeat one more time all the way through.

Exercise 1:

  • Left foot forward, static lunge up & down with weights at your side, 10 reps
  • Hold lunge low, 10 seconds
  • Repeat 4 more times (5 total)
  • Switch to right foot forward, same thing

Exercise 2: 

  • Squat pulses with weights at your side, 10 reps
  • Squat hold low, 10 seconds
  • Repeat 4 more times (5 total)

Exercise 3: 

  • Plie squat pulses with weights in front, 10 reps
  • Plie squat hold low, 10 seconds (extra challenge- lift heels too to work calves)
  • Repeat 5 more times (6 total)

Exercise 4:

  • One leg bridge, lifting up and down, 10 reps
  • Same leg up, 10 second hold
  • Repeat 9 more times (10 total)
  • Switch to other leg, same thing

Cardio Break:

  • 90 seconds of jumping jacks…it will help loosen up your legs and get you ready for round 2!


This will get your heart rate up and your legs will feel the burn…two sets of each and you are done!  Remember to warm up before you begin with 5 minute jog or 5 minutes on the stairs.

Circuit 1

  • 60 high knees
  • 50 jacks with a dumbbell
  • 40 windmill jacks
  • 30 skater hops
  • 20 star jumps
  • 10 squat thrust


Circuit 2

  • 60 one leg stand ups (30ea leg)
  • 50 one leg deadlifts and reverse lunge (25ea)
  • 40 step ups with weights (20ea)
  • 30 curtsy lunge with 3 pulses (15ea)
  • 20 side step ups with extension (10ea)
  • 10 lunges reverse lunges with a kick (5ea)


Cardio, Legs, Arms, Abs in 30

Warm up about 3-5 minutes either jogging or doing stairs before you begin.

Cardio (20 seconds each exercise x 4 rounds, no breaks)

  • Squat (touch down), side shuffle, side shuffle, squat (touch down)
  • Spiderman climb (similar to mountain climb but foot touches down right next to your hand.
  • Plie click (similar to jump squat but start in a plie and try to click heels together before you land)
  • Plank position on your hands, jump and tuck knees in towards chest and back out

Legs (20 of each exercise)

  • Reverse lunge with added knee lift and twist so opposite elbow touches the knee
  • Other leg
  • Squat, quick and touch the ground each time
  • Lateral lunge, alternating legs

Arms (20 of each exercise)


  • Overhead tricep extension
  • Reverse fly
  • Curl to overhead press
  • Upright row while holding a plie squat

Abs (1 minute plank and 20 of each other exercise)

  • Plank hold on forearms
  • Legs straight in air, alternating punches up towards your feet
  • Suitcase crunch, bring arms towards feet
  • Windshield wipers, alternating

After doing this first set through, you are about 17 minutes in. Your 2nd set gets shorter on the cardio only with doing only 3 rounds through instead of 4. Everything else can be repeated as you did on the first set.  A quick yet, effective workout!

12 Minute Workout!

Perfect to do when you are stuck at home because of weather, kids napping or if you don’t have a gym membership. The workout is designed to have no breaks since it’s only 12 minutes long, yah!  Work at a fast pace with good form.  Before you begin do about 2-5 minutes warm-up running up and down your stairs or jogging around the house.

Get your timer ready…and some music to motivate!  

Do as many rounds as you can in 12 mins.  I promise you will be sweating!

10 push ups

10 lunge jumps

10 squats

10 skater hops

10 dips

10 squat thrust

1 2