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Inspiration of the Month!

Lizzie started training in my studio about six weeks ago and is on a roll! Nobody can stop this woman on a mission! She has learned to make healthier choices in her meals and has figured out how to be social while still losing weight. She has gone away for the weekend, attended many dinners out and indulged on holiday meals but she has figured out the balance of keeping the rest of the week “clean” and incorporating exercise 5-7 days a week. And, has started incorporating a 5:30a cycle class in her routine to fit it in on her busiest day. I love that she decided to make her a health a priority and has lost weight every week because of her determination! Lizzie always shows up to class with a positive attitude and ready to make the most of her hour! I love watching her make these positive changes in her life. Keep up the great work, Lizzie!

Inspiration of the Month!

cindy (2)Cindy has been improving her health and wellness for about 8 months now and has had an amazing journey and the results are showing in her health! I am proud of her at age 50 that she chose to improve her life by improving her health! It is difficult to change habits but over time she has incorporated 4-5 days of exercise into her schedule, increased her water intake, learned to cook healthy meals, tried different exercise classes, learned to travel & eat out in a healthy way, significantly reduced sugar intake and nighttime snacking. She has seen her results in her weight loss, inches lost and had a 92 point reduction in her cholesterol! WOW! Way to go Cindy!!

Inspiration of the Month!

jenn-and-amyOne of the reasons I love my group fitness classes is because of the people. My classes are all supportive and friendly to each other. Many friendships have formed in class and it is nice to see.

Amy and Jenn are examples of this. They are friends inspiring each other to be healthier!  They are both juggling their busy lives as working moms with 3 kids at home. As we know, it takes effort to be healthy! They support each other. If one makes a healthy dish, they will drop by and share some with the other. They also like to text each other pictures of their healthy lunches and share recipes with each other. Recently, they had a night of making salads together for the week that they let me crash in on. It was a fun and productive night!

We are influenced by the people we hang out with the most so it is nice they have each other for support and encouragement.


halfWhat a day! Bethany and I completed the St Louis Go Half Marathon! This was my 6th one in the last 9 years, but definitely my toughest. I was hurting after mile 7 and pushed through the last half of the race. What got me through?

I had about an hour of reflection time, going through all the people that inspire me. Bethany inspired me to keep running. Over the last year, she has literally changed her entire lifestyle and dropped almost 100lbs! She has taken up running in addition to coming to classes each week. This was also her first running half marathon.

I started this company to help inspire others to live healthier, but everyone around me also inspires me. I wanted to quit so bad but couldn’t thinking of all of you, my amazing family cheering me on, Bethany who was running with me, Heidi who was running for her mother who passed and all my clients who I want to set a good example for. I felt so much grattitude for my life and my health and that I am phsyically able to do this. We all have bad days or periods of time where we are not as motivated as others. That describes me throughout the training and it showed on race day. But, I am so glad I went for it and finished and was able to see Bethany finish! I am so proud of her! Persevere in life and you will not be disappointed.




stephI love watching moms and busy people make time for exercise! It is so easy to make excuses for not fitting it into your weekly routine. Trust me, I hear it all.  It is all about priorities. We all have priorities and have to decide to make our health one of them!

I am featuring Stephanie as the Inspiration of the Month as she continues to make her health a priority. Stephanie exercised throughout both of her pregnancies up until the end. After giving birth to her 2nd baby girl she was back to class as soon as she got the okay from her doctor. She hires a babysitter to come at 5:30am to make this happen. Wow, that is commitment!

On off days from class, Stephanie enjoys running. What a great example to show her children as they grow up.

Recently Stephanie decided to start cooking too! She is gaining confidence in the kitchen and able to provide healthy meals for her family.

Stephanie has been taking classes with Inspire Fitness since 2008. She has become our social coordinator. She is always organizing coffee dates/gifts to celebrate if someone is getting married or having a baby. She is always thinking of others! Steph – we love having you around!



Inspiration of the Month

bobbi (2)

What an inspiration! Bobbi is 50 years young and completely committed to exercise.

Bobbi started with Inspire Fitness in 2008 and has religiously attended classes 2-3x a week ever since! She is in amazing shape and can hold her own among the other attendees in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

Some say they don’t have time or energy for working out, yet Bobbi always makes time. She wakes up at 5a to squeeze in workouts before she begins her day as a successful business owner and mother of two.  She and her husband are also dedicated to creating fresh meals for their family. I love hearing about the gourmet meals they create together after a long day at work.

Some use age as an excuse to say they can’t before they even try. Bobbi goes for it all – whether its running shuttle runs at top speed or attending a new TRX class. She always puts in full effort.

She inspires me because she has clearly made her health a life-long commitment. I am also amazed that in the almost 9 years she has been attending class, she has barely missed unless she is traveling. Way to go Bobbi!