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ningxia-red-compliant-microI am in love with this antioxidant juice, NingXia Red! It has 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E along with polyphenols. The power of this synergy gives me an extra lift each day with only 1-2 oz per day. It combats free radicals with the high level of antioxidants, boosts energy, supports brain and cognitive health, digestive health, immune system, healthy blood pressure levels and can promote more restful sleep patterns.

It is made from wolfberries (one of the highest antioxidant fruits), blueberries, cherries, plums, pomegranate and contains some of Young Living’s amazing essential oils including lemon, orange, yuku and tangerine.



NingXia Red = Energy

red (2)I am not a big supplement person. I am a believer in getting as much from nutritious whole foods as possible. The only supplements I take are a probiotic and Juice Plus (which is just fruits and vegetables – even though I eat a lot of those, I like the variety of colors of the rainbow).

As I have become involved in using my Young Living Essential Oils (which are also made from plants of this beautiful earth), I decided to try this NingXia Red antioxidant drink that everyone was raving about. About 3 or 4 weeks ago I added 1oz of NingXia Red to my daily routine and I can REALLY tell a difference in my energy levels. I get up super early, most days around 5am and two days a week – before that! Anyway, I was always tired mid-afternoon and ready for a nap. Incorporating this drink into my routine – I have really noticed a difference and wanted to share!

What is it? It is an antioxidant-rich juice made of wolfberries and other high antioxidant foods. Wolfberries antioxidant level is 2x that of acai berry and 3x the ORAC value of pomegranates. It contain 21 essential amino acids (one of the richest sources of plant protein) and is one of the richest sources of natural vitamin B1 (which is essential for energy production, carbohydrate metabolism and thyroid function). Certain vitamins and minerals often work well in pairs. The wolfberry contains many of the vitamin-mineral pairs that synergistically work well together. It is also rich in potassium (important for brain and nerve function), zinc (immune function), fiber (important for heart health).

Why is it called NingXia Red? These red wolfberries are found in a northern region of China, NingXia Hui.

Where can I buy it? You can buy it directly through Young Living. The cost is around $36/bottle for Wholesale customers and $47/bottle for Retail Customers. The bottle contains 25oz. I usually just do 1 oz per day.

Wholesale vs Retail Customer? Wholesale is like having a membership (think Sam’s or Costco). The only thing required is to buy a starter kit, no annual fee. Its all products to introduce you to their amazing products!

There is an Essential Oils Kit which I highly recommend! Or, there is a NingXia Red Kit which is found under “Other Premium Kits”. You can cancel anytime and there is no re-occurring fees or shipments unless you chose to place other orders.

Contact me for questions!


Protein Powders -Best I’ve Found!

protein powderProtein powders have become such a hype these days. With so many choices, it leaves it confusing when shopping!

Why use them? Do you know what the ingredients are? What type should you buy?

I am a believer in getting as much as we can from whole foods, but I do like to incorporate clean protein powder in my diet when it means that I am adding in cups of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables that I normally would not be eating at breakfast time. Smoothies are super easy on digestion too! I start everyday with a delicious vitamin-packed smoothie.

If you have protein powder at home, check your ingredients. Is the list longer than 5 things? Do you know what the ingredients are? There can be a lot of harmful and unnecessary ingredients added just like with anything else you buy that is processed.

I have tried a TON of different powders and have to say Tera’s Whey is my all time favorite! It has a clean ingredient list and is made in a very pure way. The cows are not treated with anitbiotics and they are raised on a grass-fed diet. The whey is organic and non-gmo. There could be trace amounts of lactose but I am lactose intolerant have no problems with it. It does not contain casein (which is one of the proteins found in milk) that some may have allergic reactions to. It is low in sugar (2g) and lightly sweeten with stevia. It has 20g of protein to help sustain you through the morning. I love that it only has 4 ingredients. It is not fortified with vitamins but I load my smoothies up with tons of fresh or frozen produce. You can buy online, at Whole Foods and some Targets.

Whey is made as a by-product of cheese and yogurt production. It is a complete protein – containing all 9 essential amino acids. It is an excellent way to promote lean muscle mass and will help your muscles recover post-workout.

Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutritional Shake (I only like the chocolate) is tasty and is loaded with vitamins and nutrients and is sweetened with stevia extract so it only has 1g of sugar. The protein is made of pea protein, hemp and brown rice protein. I mix with almond milk sometimes mid-afternoon for a little pick-me-up! I also like giving this one to my kids!

I also recommend Juice Plus Complete Protein Powder which is made with non-gmo soy, pea protein and chickpea protein. It is 100% plant-based and has a lot of fiber (8g) to keep you full and has 13g of protein. It has been fortified with some vitamins to help kick start your day. The negative of this powder is the sugar content (10g per sugar). On a positive, because it is sweetened, many children will drink these shakes. You can purchase online through my Juice Plus website.

If you are uncomfortable with adding protein powder to your smoothies, I would suggest adding in some type of whole food containing protein (ex: greek yogurt, cottage cheese, hemp seeds, nuts or tofu). The protein will help sustain your blood sugar and keep your body satisfied for a longer period of time.

Fill Your Kids With Goodness, Not Goodies.

juice plus eggOne of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is the gift of health. Spend time teaching them while they are young about what fuels their body the best.

I fuel my kids with real food such as fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, whole grains and protein.

They also take Juice Plus+ chewable vitamins. My kids are so excited to get this gift of health everyday! They love them and are constantly reminding me to take them.

I got hooked on Juice Plus is because it is made of 18 different non-gmo fruits and vegetables (carrots, parsley, beet, garlic, broccoli, tomato, spinach, cabbage, kale, apple, peach, cranberry, orange, papaya, pineapple, date, cherry and prune) and 2 grains (rice bran and oat bran). Although my kids get a lot of healthy foods, they do not get this variety and each color of the rainbow daily and each color offers different nutrients to our bodies.

It doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup or any artificial preservatives colors or flavors like many other childrens vitamins. They taste delicious and are gluten free.

There is tons of clinical data at top research facilities supporting Juice Plus+. The most impressive one to me is markers of systemic inflammation improve (inflammation is the cause of some many diseases/ailments). See the research!

It is made from real fruits and vegetables picked vine-ripened at their peak time, juiced, dried and blended to make these tasty vitamins.

The cost is reasonable at $25/month, less than $1 a day. The company also has a great program to give free product for your child when an adult orders the product. This includes parents and grandparents!  Inquire if you are interested!

Some of the Impressive results parents reported about their children after taking Juice Plus:

  • Less Doctors Visits
  • Eating More Fruits & Vegetables
  • Less Prescription and Over the Counter Medication

Set your kids up with a strong foundation everyday!

Read more!



I am a believer in trying to get as much from food as possible, but also take the following supplements for “added insurance”.

Juice Plus Capsules: 2 orchard, 2 garden/day

IMG_3086I have been taking Juice Plus+ capsules for 15 years! I like the research data in clinical trials showing it reduces markers of systemic inflammation in the body.  I also like that it is made from 18 different fruits and vegetables…you know what the ingredients are its not mega-doses of isolated vitamins that your body doesn’t know what to do with.  I eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible but I like the variety that Juice Plus+ provides. We tend to buy the same types of produce or we buy what is in season. Juice Plus+ has a variety of fruit and vegetables from the rainbow, each offering different nutrients to our body.

For more info, visit

My kids (& hubby) take the Juice Plus Fruit & Vegetable Chewables

IMG_3090They love them…the vegetable ones are even good!  I like it because there is no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors (believe it or not, but this is very unusual for kids vitamins). The clinical data shows it reduces the number of visits to the pediatrician.  I would much rather spend my money preventing illness than a co-pay to the doc’s office. Best part is there is a program to get FREE chewables for kids! Ask me how!


Omega-3 Fatty Acid: 2 1000mg capsules per day

IMG_3093There are so many compelling reasons to take an omega-3 fatty acid supplement…helps with reducing inflammation in the body, heart health, joint pain, auto immune diseases & mental illnesses.  We get so many omega-6s in our diets.  The ratios of omega-6s to omega-3s is suppose to be 2:1 and it is typical for an american to have a ratio of 20:1.   Taking an omega-3 supplement helps even out the ratio.

I like Ultimate Omega because of the high content of EPA/DHA per capsule.  It can be found at Whole Foods or ordered online at

Probiotics:  1 capsule per day

2014-01-29 002 (240x160)They help fill your gut with the healthy bacteria that sometimes is over populated by the bad bacteria.  It can help with diarrhea, constipation, bloating, abdominal cramping, allergies, urinary tract infections and/or yeast infections. I like 365 High Potency Probiotic which can found at Whole Foods.


Brazil Nuts: Eat 2 per day

2014-01-29 001Eating just 2 per day will give you the recommended amount of selenium you need a day. Selenium can be helpful for your metabolism,  Also those with thyroid disorders, auto immune diseases and reproductive issues.  Selenium has been proven to be a powerful carcinogenic supplement, inhibiting cancer cells and reducing the risk of several cancers including prostate, breast and uterine.  I eat two every morning with breakfast.