My Favorite Things

I am always trying new grocery items, natural products, kitchen items or looking for ways to improve my health. I have put together some of my favorite things to make it easy for you to shop!
Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

I use this Vitamix daily to make the BEST smoothies! You can throw anything in here and have a smooth and delicious smoothie! Also great for making dips, soups and much more!

This allows you to squeeze all the juice out of lemons/limes without getting the seeds.

Always store food in glass! We have too much plastic in our lives and our bodies absorb it way too easily.

Food Staples

I use this protein daily in my smoothie. The chocolate and vanilla are delicious, dairy-free and grain-free and have a clean ingredient list!

It is so important to start kids young with learning about nutrition and eating in a balanced way. I love these yum boxes because there are places for each food group. It is a good reminder to us and/or the kids if they pack it themselves. They do not leak! My kids love eating out of their yum box!

This book is an amazing way to teach young children about what foods are the best to eat (green light foods) and which ones are ok (yellow light foods) and which ones hurt their bodies (red light foods). I can’t tell you how much this has helped us!

For Your Body!