Pesto Shrimp

I love pesto! My basil has been growing like crazy so it is a good excuse to make some pesto. Trader Joe’s wild-caught Argentine Red Shrimp has been in stock lately and is a great buy (normally wild-caught shrimp is difficult to find).  It is in the frozen section and comes pre-peeled/de-veined. I left it […]

Best Guacamole!

I absolutely love guacamole! We make it often as a fun friday night appetizer! I think everyone is different on what they like in it so you will see all the optional ingredients you can add…I personally like it all 🙂 I wanted to create the recipe so I could actually portion mine out…otherwise it’s […]

Chicken Parmesan Over Zucchini

Yum! A delicious classic made a little healthier! A friend passed on this recipe and I love the zucchini added to it. Next time, I am going to add in mushrooms and bell peppers too. It also made delicious leftovers.     Ingredients: 4 zucchini, spiraled or shredded ½ medium onion, chopped 2-3 cloves garlic, […]

Salmon Tex-Mex Bowl

I got this recipe from Dr Oz’s site and have made it twice in the last couple weeks! It is very fresh and satisfying! I love incorporating salmon weekly into our meals. First of all, it is loaded with healthy omega-3s fatty acids which are beneficial for brain health and overall inflammation in the body. […]

Zucchini Cilantro Soup

I found this recipe when I was on the search for how to use up all the giant zucchinis i had growing in my garden. This soup is sooo delicious! I love that each bowl has an entire zucchini in it. It’s full of flavor and filling!     Ingredients: 4 tbsp butter or ghee […]

Easy Black Bean Soup

This is a great thing to whip up in 2 minutes. A quick, easy protein-packed vegetarian meal for one. The key is the cuban black beans from trader joes. I like to have for the nights when you just need to grab something quick. Simple yet satisfying!       Ingredients: 1 can Trader Joe’s […]

Healthy Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets have been in a hit in our house! I double the recipe to have quick leftovers that are great either warmed up or served cold. Perfect for school lunches! I found this recipe on I modified the original recipe and cut back on the amount of the spices.   Ingredients: 1.5lb organic […]

Chickpea Egg Skillet

About once a week we do some sort of egg dish for dinner. It’s easy, satisfying and an inexpensive dinner. I am in love with Vital Farm Eggs! You can buy at Whole Foods and some Targets. They have a bright orange yolk that is best!   16oz broccoli crumbles 2 15.5oz can chickpeas 1 […]

Coconut Encrusted Shrimp

I love the ease of cooking shrimp! You can defrost easily by running through cold water and it cooks super fast! And, the whole family will eat it, yah! I love anything with coconut so decided to give this recipe I found a try. I altered it a bit to add a few spices. I […]

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