Chicken Parmesan Over Zucchini

Yum! A delicious classic made a little healthier! A friend passed on this recipe and I love the zucchini added to it. Next time, I am going to add in mushrooms and bell peppers too. It also made delicious leftovers.     Ingredients: 4 zucchini, spiraled or shredded ½ medium onion, chopped 2-3 cloves garlic, […]

Salmon Tex-Mex Bowl

I got this recipe from Dr Oz’s site and have made it twice in the last couple weeks! It is very fresh and satisfying! I love incorporating salmon weekly into our meals. First of all, it is loaded with healthy omega-3s fatty acids which are beneficial for brain health and overall inflammation in the body. […]

Zucchini Cilantro Soup

I found this recipe when I was on the search for how to use up all the giant zucchinis i had growing in my garden. This soup is sooo delicious! I love that each bowl has an entire zucchini in it. It’s full of flavor and filling!     Ingredients: 4 tbsp butter or ghee […]

Easy Black Bean Soup

This is a great thing to whip up in 2 minutes. A quick, easy protein-packed vegetarian meal for one. The key is the cuban black beans from trader joes. I like to have for the nights when you just need to grab something quick. Simple yet satisfying!       Ingredients: 1 can Trader Joe’s […]

Healthy Chicken Nuggets

These chicken nuggets have been in a hit in our house! I double the recipe to have quick leftovers that are great either warmed up or served cold. Perfect for school lunches! I found this recipe on I modified the original recipe and cut back on the amount of the spices.   Ingredients: 1.5lb organic […]

Chickpea Egg Skillet

About once a week we do some sort of egg dish for dinner. It’s easy, satisfying and an inexpensive dinner. I am in love with Vital Farm Eggs! You can buy at Whole Foods and some Targets. They have a bright orange yolk that is best!   16oz broccoli crumbles 2 15.5oz can chickpeas 1 […]

Coconut Encrusted Shrimp

I love the ease of cooking shrimp! You can defrost easily by running through cold water and it cooks super fast! And, the whole family will eat it, yah! I love anything with coconut so decided to give this recipe I found a try. I altered it a bit to add a few spices. I […]

Inspiration of the Month!

Cindy has been improving her health and wellness for about 8 months now and has had an amazing journey and the results are showing in her health! I am proud of her at age 50 that she chose to improve her life by improving her health! It is difficult to change habits but over time she has […]

Cauliflower Soup

This recipe was passed along to me and comes from It is unbelievably easy and good! I’ve made it the last three weeks and have added it to my lunch and dinner. It’s that good!! Perfect comfort on a cold day. And did I mention – its super low calorie!?   Ingredients: (2) 16oz […]

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