Six Week Challenge

iStock_000005021512SmallAre you looking to lose weight?

Are you looking to improve your energy, sleep, digestion or overall health?

Are you looking for a healthier lifestyle that you can stick with?



Inspire Wellness’ Six Week Challenge program will help you set and achieve realistic goals, plan daily meals and provide you with the tools needed to attain your goals.

This is your start to developing a healthier you.

Six Week Challenge Program

  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions to Create and Attain Realistic Goals
  • Beginning & Ending Assessment of Body Weight, Body Fat & Body Measurements
  • Nutrition Book with Detailed Information
  • Detailed Description of Meal Choices for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Tips on Reading Labels
  • Tips of Grocery Shopping
  • Tips on Eating Out
  • Weekly Emails, Texts and Check-ins
  • The cost is $229.


The program has such delicious, easy, healthful food. It leaves me feeling great, and there are meals my whole family is excited to keep on our dinner menu long after the Challenge has ended. – Amy

The six week challenge is a great way to learn new recipes that are creative, balanced, and tasty. Christy does a great job at holding you accountable and helping you find healthier alternatives to your favorite meals. – Sarah

Working with Christy on the Six Week Challenge Program is the ONLY way I have been able to break habits and see results. Her support, recommendations, and ability to drive accountability worked for me! – Sara

Christy started coaching me to have a healthy lifestyle about a year ago. I went to her never thinking I could come as far as I have today. I was severely obese, with terrible eating habits and bad self confidence. She has done so much more than just help me lose weight. She has helped me become healthy and learn how to enjoy eating clean food and exercising. She helps me strive to do better every week. I have tried all the other ways of dieting from group diets to fad diets but nothing has ever worked as well as this! I have never found another program with such a large understanding of nutrition and how your body breaks it down, with so much support and someone that really truly loves to see you succeed. I could never thank Christy enough for what she has done for me and the healthy lifestyle she has encouraged and taught me to live. -Bethany

After college, I was needing to lose the extra weight I had gained. The 6 week challenge not only helped jumpstart my weight loss, but also taught me about good fats vs. bad fats and about eating whole foods instead of crash dieting. I highly recommend it! – Melissa

The Six Week Challenge is a program where you see real results. I did it before my wedding when I had some weight to shed to fit perfectly into my dress and I did. You feel amazing and your body changes from eating whole foods and cutting out sugar. It is definitely a lifestyle change, but it is easy to follow, and with cheat meals built in, you don’t feel like you are depriving yourself. – Sally

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