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Arm & Core Work

This is a quick arm/core workout, but you will also get your heart rate up!  You don’t need equipment, just a stopwatch and a chair or bench.

Exercise 1:

  • Start in a plank position on your hands, hold 10 seconds, then walk your hands down to your forearms (keeping your body in a plank), hold 10 seconds.
  • Walk back up to your hands for 9 seconds, walk back down to forearm for 9 seconds
  • Repeat with 8 seconds each
  • Repeat 7 seconds each…keep repeating all the way to 1 second of each

Exercise 2:

  • Hold a low push up (with your arms at least 90 degrees bent), 10 second hold
  • 10 quick push up pulses (you can drop to your knees if you need to)
  • Repeat 4 more rounds of the above

Exercise 3:

  • Grab a chair, a do 1 dip, straightening your arms
  • Next dip, pulse it 2 times when you are low to the ground
  • Next one, 3 pulses, repeat until you get to 10 pulses (try not to rest in between)

After you do all 3 exercises, take a cardio break!  Give the arms a break for 2 minutes.  Run your stairs, jumping jacks, jump squats, anything to keep the body moving.  Then, repeat all three exercises one more time through.