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Butt Work!

This is a quick butt workout that will also work back of the legs and inner/outer thighs. It is for any level.  They are all done with the fitball (stability ball).  It is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. If you don’t own one, I would highly recommend. Go to Sports Authority and look for one that is anti-burst or burst resistant.  I am going to be featuring a lot of exercises/stretches with the ball this month.  I like it because it really works your core at the same time as working the rest of your body and it’s just fun!  Commit to doing it 2-3x/week for the next month to see some results.  It is quick so easy to fit into your day.  Give it a try.

Set 1:

  • 20 bridges on ball
  • 20 bridge turn & tap
  • 20 other side
  • 20 hamstring roll out
  • 40 drop & catch

Set 2:

  • 30 side lying, leg extension
  • 30 swing back & up
  • 15 circles one way, reverse directions 15 the other way
  • Other leg, same thing