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Detox Part 2

thieves-cleaner-personalizedI cannot stress the importance of “detoxing” your body and home through smarter choices in products. I am writing it in steps so its not too overwhelming and costly to change everything at once. See Detox Part 1 for changing toothpaste, deodorant and soap.

Part 2 is changing over Household products. I absolutely LOVE this Thieves Cleaner. It actually makes me want to clean! lt smells so good and best of all – does a  really great job! And kills the germs! I do my entire house with it…windows, mirrors, counter tops, toilet etc. It is a concentrated cleaner so the little bottle makes 60+ spray bottles.

All Purpose Spray: 1 tbsp. thieves cleaner + 16oz distilled water.

Scrub Recipe: 1/4 cup Thieves cleaner + 1 cup baking soda

Jewelry Cleaner: 1 tsp Thieves cleaner + 1 tsp baking soda + 5 drops Lemon Essential Oil (let jewelry sit for 10 mins, gently scrub with tooth brush and rinse)

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