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Lunch Ideas for the Kids

11Are you exhausted trying to think of lunch ideas for your kids? It is always good to get new ideas to try. Sometimes you will be surprised with what they will like.

Try to create a balanced lunch with a source of protein, vegetable, fruit, grain/starch, healthy fat and healthy treat.

Beans, carrots, strawberries, nut thins, avocado and 1/3 kashi go lean plant bar.



4yumSalmon, cauliflower, blackberries, nut thin crackers, almond butter and a date.







1yum (2)Coconut chicken, broccoli, berries, sweet potatoes, cheese stick and juice plus gummies.







6yumTurkey, carrots, apples, rice cake, cheddar cheese and banana chips.







11yumCranberry Tuna (whole foods), cucumbers, strawberries, nut thins, sweet potatoes and fig.






12yumTurkey, peas, strawberries, quinoa with pine nuts, nut thins and fig.






What are your kids favorites? Share your ideas with us too!