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Interval Running Workout

Sport woman running in roadAre you bored on your runs or looking to increase speed?  This workout will cure both problems.  I was bored on my run this morning without my Garmin to track my pace.  So, to change it up, I started running intervals.  It was challenging when you really push yourself and now my legs are wiped!  I would recommend doing this either on a paved trail or early in the morning before too many cars are out on the road so you don’t get interrupted on your sprints.


  • Run 10 minutes to warm up.  You want to make sure your legs are loose and ready for the interval work to come.
  • Interval work:
    • 1 minute sprint (as fast as you can, no holding back).  You should be wiped at the end of a minute!
    • 1 minute recovery.  I started with 30 seconds of walking and 30 seconds of very light jog, but by the last set I was doing 45 seconds of walking, 15 seconds of light jog.
    • Repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 rounds or 10 minutes worth.
  • Run 8 minutes easy pace
  • Walk 2 minutes to cool down
  • Stretch!