Out to Dinner in St Louis, MO with Gluten Free Options

Out to Dinner in St Louis, MO with Gluten Free Options

People ask me all the time where I like to go for gluten free options when dining out in St Louis. St Louis is not as easy as other areas of the country. There are options out there, just some are not that exciting or worth it to go back for. So I thought I would make a list of places that have good gluten free options. Many of these options are near or in Kirkwood and Webster Groves. 

Here ya go!

Breakfast: The Shack: There is a large gluten free menu and there are a lot of options! I personally like to get either an omelette with GF toast or the Brussels & Eggs. My kids love the gluten free pancakes! 

Smoothies: Hello Juice has a lot of gluten free and dairy free options, including smoothies, smoothie bowls, gluten free waffles, avocado toast and delicious fresh juice!

Mexican: Rosalita's (has separate fryer for chips!), Taco Buddha (mostly all GF and has great fish tacos) or Chipotle (quick & easy)

Sushi: Wasabi & Sushi Station 

3 Kings: I love their Poke Bowl (so good and unexpected for a pub!)

Billy G's: I love the Salmon Nicoise Salad. They also have gluten free pizza and pasta too.

Burgers: Hi Pointe! They are grass-fed burgers and have a yummy gluten free bun! 

Bakery: Britt's in Kirkwood (so good and all gluten free and dairy-free options too)

Pizza: Katies, O + O Pizza, Dewey's

Circle 7: has a gluten free menu which includes a little bit of everything (appetizers, salads, burgers/gf buns & tacos)

Clayton Spots: Louie's Wine Dive has a large selection of gluten free options on there menu including other options that can be modified to be gluten free. Peel Pizza has many GF options but my favorite is the Kale Salmon Caesar.

Corner Pub: has a large gluten free menu with some of everything.

Many good Cobb Salads out there which is an easy and yummy option, including Frisco Bar Room and Cyrano's

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