My Story

My name is Christy Wynne and I am a wellness coach, raising two kids in St Louis, MO with my husband Jeff.

My passion in the wellness industry started with exercise after I lost my Dad to heart disease in 2003. It was great for stress relief and I loved the way it made me feel afterwards. I became even more passionate about my overall health and began learning all I could on disease prevention and realized how much that can be controlled by better nutrition and exercise. After this, I decided to leave the corporate world and pursue my passion in health and wellness.

What we put into our bodies is our best medicine for feeling good and disease prevention.

I have had some health challenges but I've learned so much along the way. In 2019, after years of stomach issues, food intolerances and skin rashes, I discovered both my daughter & I have celiac disease. Now our house is 100% gluten free and we all feel so much better!

That same year at a routine doctors visit they discovered I had a significant heart murmur and I had to have open heart surgery to repair it. The process and recovery taught be a lot and I was so thankful to have a healthy body going into the surgery. Through each one of these challenges, it has made my mission to stay healthy, that much stronger.

As a mom, I am passionate about healthy habits for my kids. It is a strong foundation to feel their best physically and mentally and a great tool to realize at a young age.

Inspire Wellness Mission

Inspiring greater wellness with positive lifestyle habits to feel your best and be your best, one simple step at a time.

Self-Care & Wellness

I am passionate about self-care and the overall wellness. Self-care is about taking better care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Making yourself a priority will lead to overall fulfillment in life. When we feel our best, we are happier, better in our relationships, more productive and have more energy to give back. So think of the habits, activities and people that make you feel good and make it a priority to add them into your life more often.

Lead with love in the way you treat yourself, others and this great world we live in.

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