Kick the Sugar: Why and How to Get Started!

Kick the Sugar: Why and How to Get Started!

Sugar is so easy to slip into our diet yet so detrimental to our health. It is the #1 thing to minimize or eliminate if you are trying to lose weight and/or feel your best physically and mentally. Sugar is addictive and toxic to our health. It is easy to start small with a little piece of chocolate after dinner but it is so addictive, your body will start to crave it more and more. Not only is it addictive, it is also creates inflammation in the body. Most health problems, ailments and diseases are caused by inflammation. These include sleep problems, digestion problems, mood swings & irritability, anxiety/depression, joint pain, asthma, lack of energy, breakouts, weight gain, ADHD, teeth decay and more serious problems such as diabetes, heart problems, gout, kidney stones, liver disease. 

Hopefully this is motivating you to cut back.

The recommendation is to eat less than 24g a day of added sugar (woman) and

less than 36g a day (men).

Suggestions for success!

  1. Get rid of temptations! Do a refrigerator/pantry clean out. Throw away any items that may tempt you. When it is not in your house, it cannot tempt you! 
  2. Log your sugars for a week and see what that looks like. It builds awareness on how much you are consuming.
  3. Eliminate the sugary drinks. One a day is already over the sugar limit. Drinking sugar is even worse than eating it because it gives you a direct sugar spike to blood stream. 

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