Self-Care Starts With You!

Self-Care Starts With You!

Self-Care Starts With You!

When you focus on self-care, everything in your life starts to improve…

Make self-care a priority and you will notice everything else will improve too. Self-care is not selfish. It is a necessity. You are worth it! Many of us don’t include ourselves on our priority list or we are last on our list.

So some might ask, what is self-care? When I asked my family, the answers were getting massages and facials (ha!). It made me realize that I need to explain myself here.

Self-care can be as simple as getting enough sleep and water. It can be managing your emotions and taking care of those the best you can. It is the act of giving yourself what you need physically, emotionally and mentally to feel your best. It is taking care of yourself as you would a child. You would make sure they are fed, hydrated, rested. Now think about it for yourself. Are you properly fed, hydrated and rested? If not, this is the perfect place to start.

Next you would support them emotionally and mentally. Now think about it for yourself. I encourage you to take 2 minutes a day to do a check-in with yourself. Ask yourself what’s bother you and what can you do about it? Quiet time helps sort through these emotions.

When we give ourselves proper self-care with eating well, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep, we feel better, all functions of the body works better, we are energized and more productive. We are also better to our loved ones because we feel better.

It all leads us to a more fullfilled life. Try to shift your mindset to better self-care and feeling your best vs a quick fix.

I am also a big believer in starting small. Small changes add up. They aren’t overwhelming so it is manageable to do. Once you start to notice the effects of that change, it will keep you going!

A great place to start is with drinking more water! The power of water is amazing. Try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Drinking water is something I still focus on everyday. I have a big Yeti Cup (30oz) that I fill up and drink before breakfast. And another I drink before lunch. This system helps me get it all in and won’t interrupt my sleep at night.

If you are already in good habits with drinking enough water, think about your sleep. And your fuel! Food is our fuel.

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