Simple Changes Add Up To Big Results

Simple Changes Add Up To Big Results

I am passionate about self-care and the overall wellness. Self-care is about taking better care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Making yourself a priority will lead to overall fulfillment in life. When we feel our best, we are happier, better in our relationships, more productive and have more energy to give back. 

With all that being said, making positive changes to your self-care and health do not have to be overwhelming. Many times we get motivated and try to change everything at once and it becomes too much to add into our schedule and we end up giving up on all of it. I am all about a different approach.

My philosophy is take on one small change at a time. One small change does not feel overwhelming but can yield big results. Not only is it easier to make a habit when we are just working on one thing, it is also motivating when we are succeeding at making it happen that will lead to other positive things for ourselves. Once that one changes becomes more of a habit, it can be time for the next change. But, don't rush it. 

Success rate is high with one change vs changing 5 things at once. So ask yourself, what is one small change would you like to start with and go for it. Track it! I like using paper because it just feels good to make a big X in a box (ha ha). 

Some great places to start:

  • Drinking more water
  • Getting to bed earlier
  • Adding in 10 minutes of movement to your day
  • Adding in an extra veggie per day 
  • Upgrading one meal or snack in your day
  • Nighttime stretching
  • Writing down one thing you are grateful for per day

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