Time to Hydrate!

Time to Hydrate!

The key to start feeling amazing is drinking enough water. This is the simplest healthy habit that you can change today that will make such a difference in the way you feel. Water will naturally energize you. Water helps boost the immune system to prevent you from getting sick. Being hydrated also boosts brain performance (memory, concentration and reaction time)! Drinking more water also aids in weight loss as we often mistake hunger for thirst.

Drink half of your body weight in ounces of filtered water daily. Keep track of your water intake by carrying a stainless or glass bottle with you throughout the day. Find something you enjoy drinking out of and you will notice it is easier to drink more.


Wake up and drink one large glass of water before drinking coffee or eating. It will jump start your day. 


Tip: Keep if fun and yummy by making your own spa water. Cut up any fruit and/or cucumbers and put it in your water and let it sit overnight.

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