Tips for Feeling Well While Traveling

Tips for Feeling Well While Traveling

Does your body feel crappy when you travel or get home from traveling? I've got some tips to keep your body feeling energize and feeling its' best.

Even on short trips, it is important to try to keep up with some of your habits. In some cases, I go the extra mile when traveling to make sure I am on my top game. 

Here are some of my favorite go-to habits and essentials to pack so I can feel good, sleep good, eat well, stay active and stay regular. 

Here are my go-to items!

1-Vitamins and supplements. Take your favorites with you so you continue to feel good while you are gone. My favorites are a high-potency probiotic and juice plus (I double up while away to make sure I stay regular).

2-High protein items to keep my body fueled with the good stuff instead of grabbing what’s convenient. This includes packing my Inspire Wellness Collagen to easiy mix in coffee every morning. If you aren’t a coffee/tea person, you can easily mix into any beverage! 

Some of my favorite items to pack are almonds, bada bean roasted bean snacks (high protein/fiber), protein bars (look for ones that dont have a lot of sugar but do have a decent amount of protein, my favorite right now are Tru Bars and Rx Bars), also like to pack almond butter to easily add to a banana or eat plain. 

3- Tennis shoes! This is a must to stay active. Try to get some sort of activity into your routine each day. Ideas to stay active….walk at the airport, hit the hotel gym, explore the city by foot, do a quick hotel room workout to get the blood flowing. This activity will energize you and make you feel good. 

4-Water bottle to fill and track water intake. It is so easy to get dehydrated while traveling. I suggest tracking it and drinking even more than you do at home. 

5-Sleep essentials! Whatever makes you sleep your best, bring it! Sleep is so important for feeling our best. My must-haves are my noise maker (or white noise app) and my heating pad. Both just put me to sleep so easily. 

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