Traveling Tips!

Traveling Tips!

You deserve to feel your best!!

Here are some top traveling tips…

I love traveling but I also love to feel my best. So, I do have some travel tip to stay healthy while traveling because it is easy to just indulge and break away from your normal daily habits and then you end up feeling crappy (which is not fun).

Here are some of my top traveling tips to help feel your best so you can truly enjoy your time away.

#1: Pack high potency probiotics (you should be taking this daily anyway and especially while traveling). Probiotics help with maintaining bowel health, populating your gut with good bacteria. It helps with digestion, and overall for keeping your immune system healthy.

#2 Juice Plus+ : I have been a rep for 25 years and really can tell a difference when I am not taking it. It helps me stay regular and especially on vacation. I like it because it is just fruits and veggies in the capsules. Most of us don’t get enough or we don’t eat a variety. Juice Plus has many clinical trials showing our bodies absorb it and that it reduces inflammation in the body.

#3 Water!! On travel day especially drink a lot of WATER!! Traveling naturally dehydrates us and it is easy to drink less on travel day. If you are flying, once you get to the airport buy a giant water and start drinking it. Finish it before you get to the hotel. Starting off your trip being hydrated will make sure you feel energized and it will help so you don’t get constipated.

#4 Create an ideal sleeping environment. I like to use the white noise app to get more restful sleep. And bring a little eye mask just in case the room has any random lights that might keep you up.

#5 Don’t splurge on all your meals. Pick and choose a couple splurge meals but try to maintain the other meals similar to what you eat at home. Sugar is especially important not to go crazy on. It is easy to fall into more desserts and sugary/fruity drinks.

#6 Move your body! Try to do something active everyday.

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