Unflavored Collagen + Morning Cup of Coffee

Unflavored Collagen + Morning Cup of Coffee

Using the unflavored collagen is the easiest way to get 20g of collagen in daily! If coffee is already a daily habit, this one is easy to add in and become a habit too.

I have tried MANY other unflavored collagens and didn't like them (including the popular brands). They all had a weird smell, taste or consistency that messed up my coffee. Not to brag, but the Inspire Wellness one is far superior and is my most popular collagen product. 

It is hydrolyzed with proven absorption and that also makes it super easy to dissolve into liquid. I recommend a hand frother to make it even easier to do!

Collagen Benefits include bone health, joint health, skin/hair/nail health, gut health. We start depleting our natural collagen starting as young as age 30. Supplementing with daily collagen can help restore the way you feel and the way you look. Not only are you getting collagen, but you are also getting 18g of protein per serving! Most of us fall short on our protein intake and so this is another way to get more. Protein at each meal is important for weight control, building lean muscle, exercise recovery and much more!

So grab that cup of coffee and upgrade it with a little collagen and keep me posted on how you do! Just keep in mind, consistency is key. If you are interested to try a sample, I can mail you a sample to try. 


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