Everything is Better with a Plan!

Everything is Better with a Plan!

Want to make healthier easier? Just like anything else you do, planning is the key to success!

Everything is a better with a plan. Without a plan, it is just a wish. And most wishes don’t just magically come true. SO, I suggest planning!! Planning is step 1 to success. Planning will help you eat healthier and make time for exercise.

1- What’s your goal for planning? And what are you going to plan?

Start with a goal. Maybe it is to cook at home more, walk more, strength train, feel more organized? What are you going to plan out each week? I like to do meals and workouts.

2- Decide on a day!

Everyone has their own method of what works best for them. I like to do a rough weekly plan for the upcoming week (over the weekend) and then a more specific daily plan (at night for the following day).

3-Decide on your method

Do you like to write it down? Or have it in your phone notes? Have a planning app? I am a combo! Decide what is best for you! I like to do my meals in Paprika app. It is the best and easiest for planning and making grocery lists. Then the week of, I like to use a weekly post it to write out the week and see it all in one spot. On my daily plan, I do that each night on my phone “notes”.

You might have to try different methods out to see what works for you the best.

If you are new to planning or don’t like to plan, I suggest keeping it simple! Simple planning won’t take a lot of time and it will be something you follow up with.

Tips for meal planning!

  • I highly suggest the app Paprika for planning, storing recipes and making grocery shopping easier.

  • Keep your meals simple. Pick 1 breakfast (smoothie for me), 1-2 lunches, 1-2 snacks for the week.

  • Write down some of your families favorite meals and incorporate those. We repeat some of our favorite meals pretty often. It makes is simple and the more times I make it, the easier it is!

  • Think through your hectic nights and plan ahead to have leftovers or something easy.

  • Make planning easier by doing themed dinners for each night of the week. Ex:
    Mon- Burgers, Tues –Mexican, Wed- Stir-fry, Thurs – Breakfast for dinner
    Fri- Make-Your-Own-Pizza, Sat – Salad, Sunday- Seafood. Or, Mon: Meatless, Tues: Turkey, Wed: Shrimp, Th: Chicken, Fri: Fish, Sat: Salad, Sun: Soup

  • Each morning, look at your plan and remind yourself what you will be eating.

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