Meal Planning 101

Meal Planning 101

Want to eat healthier? Planning and prepping is the key to success. When there is food in the fridge ready to go, you are likely to eat it. I will give you some tips to keep planning simple and prepping easy.

Step 1 is Planning!

  • Decide on a planning day. I personally like Fridays so I have my plan and can get to the store on Saturday or Sunday. But Sunday might also be your day to do it all. 
  • Decide on a method. Are you paper or electronic? I highly suggest the app Paprika for planning, storing recipes and making grocery shopping easier. It is my favorite app!! 

  • Write down some of your families favorite meals and incorporate those. We repeat some of our favorite meals pretty often. And the more times I make it, the easier it is!

  • Make planning easier by doing themed dinners for each night of the week. For example: Mon- Soup, Tues – Mexican, Wed - Stir-fry, Thurs – Salad night, Fri- Homemade Pizza, Sat – Pick up/Go out, Sunday- Seafood.
  • Think through your hectic nights and plan ahead to have leftovers or something easy. 

  • Double any recipes you know you like. Leftovers make the perfect lunch. 

Step 2 is Prepping:

After you plan out your meals, make your grocery list. I hit the store on the weekend and then spend 60-90 minutes on Sunday for prepping. 

  • Write out a list of what you'd like to make. I like to make Sunday nights dinner (with leftovers) and Monday night soup (it always tastes better the next day and it is ready to go!). I also like to make anything else I can think of for the week. For example: cut up raw veggies, roasted veggie, a salad and/or a lunch protein item. 
  • Make sure you start out with a clean kitchen, put your music on and get to work! I like to set an end time with only 60-90 minutes of work. It makes me work faster :) And you will get faster the more times you prep. 

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